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Getting around

La spiaggia
Il palacongressi
The B&B Bed and Roses is situated in a strategic location:

Only 2 km from the A14 tollgate (dir. Rome, Bari, Bologna);

Only 6 km from the Pescara airport Flights to and from: Barcellona, Bruxelles, Bucarest, Creta, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Lviv, Milano, Munich, New York, Nice, Olbia, Paris, Roma, Spalato, Tirana, Torino, Toronto;

Only 4 km from downtown Pescara (Port and FS railway station);

9 km from the University of Pescara;

20 km from the University of Chieti;

From the B&B you will be able to walk to:
The beach, the Convention Center, the street park, the FS railway station of Montesilvano, the information and tourist office of Montesilvano.

Public transport
Bus no. 38 and 2